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Buying a home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make.  The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the purchase price of the home being inspected. We are determined to perform inspections of the upmost quality, with integrity.  For a buyer, we make sure that they know and understand every fact about the property that they are purchasing.  For sellers, we will provide a report that gives 100% full disclosure, with no worries of a buyer coming back and questioning anything regarding the property.  


Home Inspection includes a non-invasive and thorough visual investigation of the home's readily accessible features and goes above the minimum standards for home inspectors set by the Texas Real Estate Commission. This home inspection includes the major systems of the home and their components such as: foundation, grading and drainage, roofing, roof structure and attic, interior, exterior, electrical system, heating, ventilation and cooling systems, plumbing and more.

Termite inspection can provide potential homebuyers with reports. These reports outline both any existing damage or infestations and areas that are liable to incur future infestations. Areas of concern include open access points in the foundation or lower levels of a home and significant moisture deposits. Professional pest control companies can assist in correcting areas that pose a threat of infestation.

We will visually inspect interior finish materials, decks, steps and coping, pumps, motors, blowers, skimmer, filters, drains, heaters, gauges, visible piping and valves, and conduit. We will verify the external bonding of the pump motors, blowers, heaters and other  equipment.

  • What's Covered?


    We follow the Texas State Standards of Practice (SOP) that have been adopted by the Texas Real Estate Commission to perform a home inspection. We will provide a complete and easy to read report in PDF format.


  • Covered Requirements:

  • The foundation, plumbing system, electrical system, heating and air conditioning systems, attic space, and roof.

How Long Does It Take?


The inspection process usually takes about four hours at most houses.  We recommend that the client attend the final half of the inspection so that we can discuss any discrepancies and next steps.

Next Steps?


Inspector will describe conditions of the home at the time of inspection by using knowledge gained to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase.


I have used Bill on many of my clients properties.He takes the time to help the client understand what  is wrong with the property. I appreciate him taking the extra time to spend with my clients. it helps my clients feel comfortable with there home purchase. I would recommend Bill to any and all clients.


I used his services before selling my home and they were very helpful and identified several things that needed to be fixed before we could sell. We ended up getting all that we asked for in the transaction. We highly recommend Bagwell Inspection's services. 



I needed an inspector on short notice and Bill was able to squeeze me in.  I was really impressed with his work and how thorough it was on such short notice.  I'd definitely recommend Bagwell Inspection for anything related to home inspections.




I would highly recommend Bagwell Inspection to anyone needing a home inspection. Bill was very professional and very thorough during his inspection. He pointed out things to us that we would have never noticed nor thought to even look for. Thanks for everything!


I would recommend Bagwell Inspections 1000X over. He was very thorough and provided great feedback. A true professional. In my future home purchases I will be sure to utilize Bagwell Inspection.


I highly recommend Bagwell Inspection. I had the best possible experience. Bill caught some minor things that I will be having addressed right away. He did such a thorough job, I will have him come out regularly, just to check nothing is being missed in home maintenance. You will not be disappointed!


If you need a quick thorough home inspection call Bagwell Inspection. He does a great job.


Bagwell Inspection is a top-notch professional company! They are honest and spend a significant amount of time looking at every detail of your home. They are your best choice for inspections. I highly recommend them and have used them multiple times!

Matthew Harrison

Bill helped us out on a last-minute inspection that we needed to be done in Azle, TX. His response was prompt, and the quality of the inspection was great.



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